Park Yu Chun: How much love do you have in your wallet

Published on 1/19/16
Under: KPop Culture
Park Yu Chun released a very heartwarming ballad and sentimental track of how much a father is willing to go through for his children. You're going to need a box of tissue.

MV Review: The Space Between

Under: KPop Culture
MV Review of The Space Between. Let's take a in-depth look at some scenes. Take note of a permanent 10:25am clock and a guy wriggling on the ground.

Dal Shabet wields hot guns in Someone Like U

Under: KPop Culture
Dal Shabet wields smoking hot guns in Someone Like U. You wouldn't mess with these ladies.

Apink North American Tour 2016

Under: KPop Culture, Events, SG On Lah!
Fans of APink in North America can look forward to APink tour from 5th January to 9th January.

Mike Wilson: Unplugged

Under: FyrSpotlight
Located in Orange County, Mike Wilson has been actively performing in various places in USA. Much of his music style of folk music, which you will love.

Top 10 Boobs of KPop

Under: KPop Culture
South Korean ladies are beautiful, but this is a whole new level.

Ferlyn G (黄晶玲) debut her EP, First, in Singapore

Under: KPop Culture, SG On Lah!
Ferlyn G (黄晶玲) debut her EP, First, featuring Mint from TinyG, in Singapore, Bugis+, consisting of 3 tracks.

Maybe, by Samantha Ng

Under: FyrSpotlight, SG On Lah!
A song by a Singaporean Musician. Maybe, an original by Samantha.

Jun.K has got something to keep you warm this winter

Under: KPop Culture
Jun.K has released a new single, Love Letter, to keep you listeners warm as Korea experience another winter. Whether you are having winter or summer, this song is sure to warm your heart.

So Twice(트와이스) came up with a Zombie MV, and then something ok... And then... Errrr.. WHAT?!?!?

Under: KPop Culture
2 months ago, Twice released their first MV, Like OOH-AHH. They are released 2 remixes of their original MV with interesting dance moves to check out.

Happy New Year

Under: Soundfyr News
Happy New Year! With love from Soundfyr...

Soundfyr Transmission in progress...