You give me the "H-Bomb", I blast you the K-Pop!

Published on 1/9/16

And so war on propaganda (re)begins. It seems that right after North Korea announced their successful test on a Hydrogen Bomb, which hasn't been verified yet, South Korea has decided their greatest weapon is... Wait for it... KPOP!!!

Obviously, our beloved North Korean leader is unhappy with it, calling it a declaration of war. But it seems that the leader isn't so much concerned about the content, but the quality of the speakers.

The speakers are said to be able to reach 9.65km during daytime, and 24km at night, reaching well beyond the soldiers to the civilians further north. That's almost half of Jeju Island.

Of course, Soundfyr has science the shit out of this. Sound being able to travel a farther distance at night is due to refraction of sound waves. As the temperature drops at night, the density of the air changes. Sound will than travel slower, but farther in cold air than in hot air. Somewhat similar to how light travels in different optical mediums. As sound travels to areas of lower temperature, during daytime, sound will refract towards the sky while sound will refract towards earth during the night.

Will North Korea come up with its own loudspeaker to compete? Or instead shell South Korea with artillery? It would be very interesting to see North Korea compete with its own version of K-Pop, like what they did with Panmunjeom flagpole vs Daeseong-dong flagpole, the flagpole war.

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