3 Kpop filmed in Singapore

Published on 1/10/16

Kpop has been invading the world for a long time, and so if you haven't heard about it, you must be living in a cave. There has been a number of MVs filmed in foreign countries, and Singapore is one of it too.

Here's a look at 3 MVs that were either filmed in Singapore or has reference to Singapore.

2PM - Hands Up

While most of the filming is done in Zouk, there are a number of recognisable landmarks of Singapore, namely, Sentosa Cove, The Flyer, and MBS. Zouk may not be immediately recognisable, but it is a well chosen spot to film, since Zouk is a iconic nightspot in Singapore.

Ferlyn G - Luv Talk

For a start, Ferlyn G is a Singaporean. In 2012, she, along with other skarf members, launched their debut on kimchi land. In 2014, she left skarf to launch her first solo EP, First. This is the first of her MV that is shot in Singapore. Apart from the skyline landmarks, there are scenes that captures the heartlands too.

Secret - I do I do

Ok, this probably is likely not filmed in Singapore, but towards the end of the video, you can catch a glimpse of a poster that says, "A Christmas Carol @ Yishun SAFRA".

If you're curious what it is, SAFRA is a Singapore company with various recreation outlets in Singapore. And there is one such outlet in Yishun, a district in northern part of Singapore.

I don't think it's pure coincidence that such a poster got up there. But I can't seem to find information about how it got up there. Anybody have any clue? (aside from the obvious sponsorship)

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