You show wrong flag, I boycott you!

Published on 1/16/16

As the group's fame grows, Twice member, Tzuyu, is now under the heat from an alleged scandal. After the singer appeared on a broadcast holding a Taiwanese flag to symbolize her nationality, Chinese netizens and broadcasting stations exploded in uproar, accusing the 16 year old singer of treason against the People’s Republic of China.

The scandal started after Taiwanese singer Huang An accused of Tzuyu for being a traitor on his Weibo account following the broadcast of the member.

Now, the government has banned Twice from all broadcast stations and netizens spreading #boycottJYP. The boycott has force 2PM to cancel all scheduled appearances in China.

In an irony, the pro-independent Taiwan supporters is very supportive of her and her group.

In a bigger irony, Tzuyu made a video of her apologising to China.

This upsets her newly-gained supporters.

In an even bigger irony, it looks like someone else wrote the script for her and she's just reading from it. Which makes sense. After all, she's just a 16 year old kid who doesn't care of the political situation. It's the company that is concerned and should be held responsible. To which, CEO of JYP, J.Y. Park wrote a letter of apology.

Hi everyone, I am J.Y. Park.
First, I sincerely and deeply apologize for bringing pain to Chinese netizens. At the same time, I feel regretful and again apologize as my company’s staff, Tzuyu, and I did not recognize the seriousness of this situation.
Through this incident, I once again deeply experienced that, to collaborate with a country, we should respect that country’s sovereignty, culture, history, and the people’s feelings.
All of this has taught my company and the artists a very big lesson. In the future, we firmly will not allow similar incidents to happen.
I once again offer my apologies to all of the Chinese fans who have continuously supported and liked me, my company, and its artists. We let everyone down and hurt everyone. To make up for all the damages done to everyone and to return everyone’s support, we will continue to work hard in order to contribute to the cultural exchange between the Chinese and Koreans.
In the past few days, Tzuyu herself has felt a lot of emotions and has been reflecting at the same time. She was 13 when she left home, came to Korea, and it is my and the company’s fault for not being able to cultivate Tzuyu in place of her mom and dad. We will stop Tzuyu’s current activities in China, and effectively handle all of the problems faced by affected parties due to this incident.

Which again, why should the company be concerned with the political matters between Taiwan and China? They are an entertainment company, not a political organisation.

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